KDramas (Ratings & Reviews): My Girl

22 01 2010

My Girl (마이걸)

Summary: A Top Ten hit in Korea, My Girl follows the story of the vivacious Joo Yoo Rin, a tour guide that’s always repaying the debts of her gambling-addicted father. Because of her father’s gambling ways, she has had to move from country to country whenever her father runs from one place to another to avoid their debtors. This has, in turn, brought her the ability to converse fluently in Chinese and Japanese, which are of great help as a tour guide whenever she has to entertain tourists from China and Japan. Seol Gong Chan, the only heir of the owner of L’Avenuel Hotel, is on a mission to find his dying grandfather’s granddaughter (Gong Chan’s cousin). After a series of unfortunate events, Gong Chan sees Yoo Rin as a cheat. However, the she bears a resemblance to his aunt and he begs her to pretend to be his missing cousin. But they are entangled in a love square with Kim Sae Hyun, Gong Chan’s tennis champion ex-girlfriend who wants him back, and Seo Jung Woo, Gong Chan’s rich, playboy best friend. Starring Lee Da Hae (이다해), Lee Dong Wook (이동욱), Lee Jun Ki (이준기), Park Shi Yeon (박시연).

Review: I have mixed feelings about this drama. For one thing, the plot’s a little… bizarre to me. For another, I can’t stand Lee Da Hae. I mean, she’s “cute” and all, but her acting is really, really dramatic. I don’t know. Something about her really annoys me. But other than that, I fell in love with Lee Jun Ki in this drama and Lee Dong Wook was such eye candy. I’m pretty neutral about Park Shi Yeon. I know she was a little bitchy in the drama and everything, but she just seemed weak and floppy. All in all, I don’t know how they made this weird plot work, but they did, and I watched this drama without cringing. I really can’t see how it’s rated so highly, though…

Rating: 5/10

Credits: http://www.wikipedia.org, http://www.mysoju.com




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