News: U-Know Donates to Haiti Disaster

23 01 2010

After the horrendous Haiti earthquake, many celebrities are showing their true colors and helping out… a lot. Of these stars, popular South Korean boyband leader, Jung Yun Ho (정윤호) of TVXQ, is generating a heap of good press with his hearty donation.

MBC released a special segment, stating the names of people who had helped and donated money to the Haiti disaster. Amidst the names, it was revealed that Yun Ho had donated 5,000,000 won (around $4500 US).

Other stars such as T-ara, Cha In Pyo, Sin Ae Ra, Jeong Hye Yeong have also donated generously to the Haiti disaster.





2 responses

23 01 2010
lyrico jae

that’s a huge amount..i mean in this situation, that’s very huge amount..but, i believe that when we give more, we get more..

23 01 2010

I totally agree with you.

I mean, giving so much money for good, I think Yunho’s getting it all back (just look at all his great publicity!)

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