Fashion & Style: 2NE1 Inspired

23 01 2010

YG Entertainment seems to have a knack for banging out bands with not only great sound but great style (cough, Big Bang, cough). Their latest “female” BB, 2NE1, has a funky, unique style that’s sweeping over Asia.

Their Lollipop look is extremely colorful. We can see lots of bright prints and checks. It’s very fresh. However, this style has a limited age range (approximately from 13-20, give or take a few years). CL (second from left) has donned a very shiny assemble, Minzy (first left) has stuck with a pair of tight jeans and a printed shirt (tied up in the corner), while Sandara (second from right) and Park Bom (first right) are rocking out the crazy leggings. They have a wild assortment of jewellery, such as large, chunky bangles, CL’s pink earrings, and necklaces.

This is the “Street” version of their debut single, Fire. Here, they’ve embraced the “street”. They’ve got the jackets, but tight and more fitted than baggy. Sandara’s (second from left) got the huge, pink tracks, whereas the rest of the group are wearing tight pants. We can see the hoodie going on over with Park Bom (first left) and the bandana with Sandara. Again, there’s lots of chunky jewellery (look at the ring on Park Bom’s hand!). CL is actually wearing a mohawk, and owning it.

And here’s the “Space” version of Fire. The girls are mostly garbed in back and white (well, there is some silver and gold). They’ve got the leather leggings (Park Bom), the rat tights (Sandara), lizard leggings (Minzy), and whatever CL’s working, it’s very cool. Sandara has a very voluminous feather boa, and we can spot the reappearance of the chunky jewellery (but mostly in gold and silver, now).

So, to round off their style, 2NE1 is basically a lot of skin tight pants/leggings, chunky jewellery, and cool tops (mostly printed). You can slide on a jacket if you like, and maybe some cool shades (like CL). I find Sandara’s palm tree hairstyle rather amusing, but would suggest people don’t actually wear their hair that way. The great thing about 2NE1 style is that you can wear high heels, boots, or converse shoes with the outfit. The footwear is completely up to you!





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19 09 2010
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