TWDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Love or Bread

23 01 2010

Love or Bread (我的億萬麵包)

Summary: This 2008 drama reunites the co-stars for their third drama together (after It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again). Cai Jin Lai (Frank) is a lazy, rude fellow that has wasted away his inheritance on designer clothes and a luxurious lifestyle. Zhen Shan Mei is a trustworthy, kind young woman that earns all the money in her house. She dreams of her high school boyfriend, currently living in Mainland China, who has promised to marry her someday. However, once she abandons everything in Taiwan to chase after love, she finds that her boyfriend is already promised to another. Too ashamed to face her family, Shan Mei rents a house. The landlord informs her there will be another tenant. And the tenant turns out to be Frank! With such different personalities, the two clash, but find themselves with one thing in common: they need money. Starring Ariel Lin (林依晨), Joe Cheng (鄭元暢).

Review: Well, well, well. Here’s another drama starring the ISWAK two. And the plot also involves the both of them living together. Hmm… I must say I didn’t enjoy this drama. Joe’s acting was too crazy and unbelievable, whilst Ariel proved herself to be able to act dumb without trying to be. So, the acting was… off. The humor in the drama was forced and often unnecessarily crude. The plot was badly formed and the ending was unsatisfactory. I was very disappointed in the drama. Having enjoy their previous collaborations so much, I expected more from it.

Rating: 4/10




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