TWDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Why Why Love

23 01 2010

Why Why Love (換換愛)

Summary: Tong Jia Di is a hardworking girl that needs a social life other than studying, working multiple jobs, and trying to pay off her family’s huge pile of debts. So, her friend, Jiang Xiao Nan, puts a love exchange coupon in the raffle box, trying to have her “exchange” love with the next guy that draws it. Huo Yan, the handsome executive of the Huo industry accidentally draws the raffle, and even though no love is exchanged, he is left with a deep impression of Jia Di. Enter Huo Da, Huo Yan’s younger brother. Huo Da is a delinquent that refuses to attend his University classes and prefers racing his motorbike to looking after the family business. He also draws out a raffle ticket, the Angel/Master ticket, which entitles him to a whole week of Jia Di bending to his every will. Things get a lot more complicated when both brothers begin pursuing Jia Di. Starring Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), Mike He (賀軍翔), Kingone Wang (王傳一), Judy Fukumoto.

Review: Well, I won’t lie. This is probably the only thing I’ve ever watched (anime, movies, dramas) to make me cry eight times. I kid you not. And I just keep crying every time I watch it! The summary doesn’t make it sound sad, but trust me, it gets sad in the end. I think the drama’s biggest flaw is that they have all the light, happy stuff in the front and all the dark, meaningful stuff at the back. When I first started this, I assumed it would be just like all the dramas I’ve seen before. That nearly put me off watching it. But, in the end, this drama explores some pretty deep issues about life and death and living. It’s beautiful. It’s not the best drama I’ve watched, but you could do a lot worse.

Rating: 6.5/10




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