Fashion & Style: Jolin Tsai Inspired

24 01 2010

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), the Taiwanese Hamasaki Ayumi. Who can deny her style? A Taiwanese singer, she’s also a great dresser. Here I’m going to break down her style. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you too.

I love this outfit. Jolin’s got the cute shorts, the flirty top. I love the flirty top. Those puffed sleeves are super cupcakey, but in a good way.She’s wearing a cream vest. Well, it’s not really a vesty vest, but more of a lower cut top jacket. Actually, I’m not sure what that it. I just know it looks good. It’s always dangerous to have white jewellery on white clothes, but Jolin makes it work. Her white heart pendant is quite visible and not blended in at all. Very simple necklace, but less is more.

This outfit is more… outrageous, should I say? I mean, I’d wear bits and pieces of it, but not all of them together at once. I do like her shoes. Those are awesome black peep toes. I must say, her one-leg-with-tights thing doesn’t appeal to me. But maybe she was avoiding the fish net stockings as to not portray herself as a complete, earless Playboy bunny. Hmm… Those white ruffles are nice. I would look for some ruffles like that and have them on a shirt. It’s very dressy, but not too fussy. I like that. The vest reminds me of those waiters in restaurants. I’m not a big fan of the long tail. I would probably chop off the tail and button it up at the front.

All right, this just screams YOUNG AND HIP. So, basically, don’t wear this if you’re under thirteen and over twenty-five. If you’re under, you’ll look like a wannabe hooker. If you’re over, you’ll look like someone who needs to let go… badly. But, it’s not really a bad outfit. I like the color, it’s a very cool color. I’d probably wear the dress with straps, though. Also, if you don’t have a skinny waist, don’t go for that outfit.

Two things to talk about. First, I want that shirt, or top, or whatever she’s wearing. It is fabulous. Admittedly, I would have it in another colour (not that blue), but the general design is gorgeous. Here, Jolin wears her necklace well. Because the top is more low-cut, the necklace really stands out. She’s got very modest little earrings. I think that’s good. It doesn’t outshine the main centrepiece (the necklace), but it does add a little something extra. I can’t see the back of her head, but that up do is very becoming. It’s stylish, it’s elegant, it’s clean. And sometimes you need a little clean in your life.

I don’t like that necklace. I just don’t. The cut, the color, the shape is all urgh for me. I wouldn’t wear that. I can only see the top of her top (ha ha), but it’s simple. From what I can see, it’s maybe a little pyjama-ish for me, but I can’t see the whole thing so I can’t say. Jolin usually has ultra-long, colored, straight hair. So, it’s cool to see her with waves. These aren’t your typical spiral curls from curler tongs. These are zig zags. They are harder to achieve. If you want something like that, I’d recommend you braid your hair after you’ve washed it and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, it’ll be wavy.

Well, to sum it all up, Jolin means flirty shirts, small pendant necklaces, cute shorts, and lots of short, fun dresses. She’s the icon for young and now, so Asians of the teens, embrace it!




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