News: Fans Crazy About “Autumn’s Concerto” Pairing

24 01 2010

The hit Taiwanese idol drama, Autumn’s Concerto (下一站, 幸福) has been on top of all the ratings for 16 weeks straight and raised many netizens’ discussions. In the drama, Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Ady An (安以轩) also profited from this. Their popularity has risen tremendously, making it into the Taiwanese media’s “Famous Entertainer Books”. They have also won (with a large number of votes) a most encouraged “on-screen couple” award and many netizens even teased them : “Vanness, Ady wants you to marry her !”

The Vanness and Ady pairing is fresh and at first when the drama Autumn’s Concerto started airing, not many people expected this. But with the plot going on as such, the pairing slowly drew audience attention and people started waiting every week in front of the TV to see how their relationship would develop.

The Autumn’s Concerto BTS (behind the scenes) also became a hot topic for netizens as they watched Vanness and Ady joke around with each other.

From the first day it aired to now, Vanness and Ady didn’t promote the drama at any entertainment events, so the audience was unable to express their wishes. They could only do their best to vote for them when “娱乐红人大典” started a poll about the favourite on-screen couple.





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