News: New Single From Hey!Say!JUMP

24 01 2010

Hey!Say!JUMP’s new single Hitomi no Screen (瞳のスクリーン) will be released on February 24th.

The topic song is used as the theme song of the drama Hidarime Tantei (左目探偵EYE) starring Yamada Ryosuke and sung by 10 members in a uniquely cool manner. Hey!Say!7’s Lotte commercial song Kagayaki Days (輝きデイズ) is also included in the album.

Both the limited edition and the normal edition are released. The former one includes a DVD of the video clip of Hitomi no Screen (瞳のスクリーン) and the making of it. In the normal version, there is a song, Romeo&Juliet, included (which is not in the limited edition) and three other Karaoke tracks.

On another note, the drama Hidarime Tantei has aired in Japan on January 23rd.





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