Celebrity of the Day: Jay Chou

25 01 2010

He’s your regular superman. Composer, singer, musician, actor, film director, rapper, record producer, DJ, MV director, model, screenwriter and music arranger, Jay Chou (周杰倫) has it all. Born in January, 1979, Jay is one of the most well-known stars in Taiwan, if not Asia. His talent began when he was just a child, starting cello lessons, messing around with his tape recorder, piano lessons. His mother encouraged his abilities and interests. Grades inadequate for University, Jay prepared to enroll into mandatory military service. However, a sports injury prevented him from performing his service, so he took a job as a waiter.

Around this time, he and a friend entered into the competition, Super New Talent King. His friend sang whilst Jay accompanied. They did not win, but the show’s host was impressed by Jay’s complex arrangement. Thus, Jay became a contract composer. Over the next two years he wrote songs for Mandarin pop artists, and also learned recording and sound mixing. His debut CD, Jay, was released in 2000. Since then, he has released an album every year. To date, Jay has released 9 studio albums, 3 live albums, 2 compilation albums and 4 extended plays. His music is well-received. Many have praised him for the unique style he creates by fusing music from Western and Eastern cultures.

Download Fa Ru Xue (髮如雪) by Jay Chou

Jay’s first movie was Hidden Track (尋找周杰倫) whereupon he received a cameo role as himself. Later, he went on to take part in many other movies such as Secret (不能說的秘密) which won numerous awards, Curse of the Golden Flower (滿城盡帶黃金甲) and The Treasure Hunter (刺陵). His song Qian Shan Wan Shui (千山萬水) was chosen as the official theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He is a famous celebrity with an enormous fan base too large to estimate. His fans far exceed those of Taiwan, peppered in mostly all Mandarin speaking countries. Every album Chou has released so far has surpassed 2 million sales. In Hong Kong, he has been the best-selling Mandarin artist for the past 4 years. According to a 2004 survey in five Chinese urban centers for children ages 9 to 14, 1 in 6 named Chou as their favorite idol.

Credits: http://www.wikipedia.org, http://www.4shared.com



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