Fashion & Style: Gothic Lolita

27 01 2010

Gothic Lolita (or Goth-Loli as it is sometimes known) is a form of Lolita fashion. Lolita fashion is a form of dress much popularized in Japan, worn by young women. This fashion style became popular during the late 1970s, but the exact date of origin is still unclear. Women that wear Lolita styled clothing wear many frills, knee-high socks, platform shoes, and stockings along with many other accessories.

Gothic Lolita is slightly different from typical Lolita fashion. With Gothic Lolita, much of western “Gothic” style is incorporated into the sweeter Lolita look. This means wearers of this style usually apply heavy makeup around the eyes in darker colors, the colors they take to wearing in general become darker (often black is used). Accessories carry more morbid shapes such as crucifixes, bats, or Fleur de Lis. A fictional character, Amane Misa, from the hit manga, Death Note, dresses in the Gothic Lolita style.

For this look, you must invest in a few essential items: These include (but are not limited to) a white blouse and/or a black blouse (depending on what style your wardrobe is leaning towards), one or two full skirts, a good petticoat, bloomers, and knee-high or over-the-knee socks. Blouses vary with style. Other elements to look for in a blouse are a nice, tailored look, puff or cap sleeves, a bib or yoke, pintucks, ruffles or a decent amount of lace, and perhaps a neck bow if you wish. The skirts must be around knee length and full enough to fit a petticoat underneath. Also, make sure that the skirt fits on your waist or a little below it, but not at your hips. In order to get the right silhouette, the skirt must sit at the natural waist. A good petticoat is NOTHING like a square dancing petticoat. A-Line or Bell shaped is recommended. Hoop skirts and light slips will not fill out the skirt correctly.

A good site to visit for Lolita fashion is:





3 responses

28 01 2010

This style is very interesting and I think a lot of people can look at this style and incorporate bits of it into their own unique style.
It has always seemed to me a very fun and dynamic way to be, very theatricle.
I think you’ve got a good guide as to the basics of this style and people can use that to make it their own.

7 05 2010

I ADORE lolita fashion. I think it’s so interesting but I’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find a goth loli dress that i really like…..anyone know of a good,good website?

25 11 2010

Yes, its very interesting. Nice guide. This is a good place to shop for authentic Lolita clothes:

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