News: Nino and Asami Seen Together

27 01 2010

The latest Shuukan Josei reports that Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari (二宮 和也) and Nodame Cantabile actress Mizukawa Asami (水川 あさみ) went out for a meal together at a nabe restaurant in Shibuya. While Ninomiya is rumoured to be dating Nagasawa Masami (長澤 まさみ), many speculate it was done behind her back, or that he was seeing both of them at the same time. However, it’s said that Ninomiya and Mizukawa became good friends after collaborating together in Abunai Hokago back in 1999. Mizukawa also collaborated with Nagasawa in the 2008 drama Last Friends. So perhaps it was entirely a friendly outing.

In other news, Aoi Yu, who did voice work along with Ninomiya in the manga Tekkon Kinkreet, has been rumoured to have broken up with V6 member Okada Junichi. She has supposedly gotten close to actor Omori Nao, currently in the Taiga drama Ryoma Den. They were spotted eating together twice in one week.





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