Fashion & Style: Get Kim So Eun’s Hairstyle

11 02 2010

Kim So Eun (김소은) is a rising young star in South Korea. And her hair is absolutely beautiful. I first noticed it in Boys Before Flowers. It just always seemed so shiny and silky and bouncy!

For her Chu Ga Eul hairstyle, she’s layered it quite a bit at the front and parted it at the side. It’s lovely how her layers just fall onto her right shoulder like that. The best thing about this cut is that you don’t even have to style it much! You can just leave it out, or accessorize with a hairband.

Her hairstyle here is rather similar to the one above. The difference is that she’s slightly curled it and the layers are less obvious. This is gorgeous if you’d pin it up at one side or maybe tie up in a half ponytail.

This is an older picture and hairstyle of  So Eun. But I love it nevertheless. For me, it’s very young and youthful. I highly recommend this hairstyle to anyone around twelve to eighteen. It’s perfect for a summer day. There’s a thick fringe parted to one side and her hair length is kept a little layered at the bottom, bouncing on her shoulders. Here’s another hairstyle that will look pretty with a hairband. I also think any bows to bedeck would suit her very well.

She just glows in this picture. I think the curls make her seem extra happy and extra sunny. This style is for those with long (and not very layered) hair. It looks nice all by itself without any decorations, and the curls are very becoming. I like this. It gives off a cheerful vibe.

The photo here isn’t very clear, I’m afraid. But if you manage to squint out the outline, you’ll see her hair. It’s a lovely do down at the nape of her neck. I really like this because it’s perfect for both formal and informal occasions. It just goes with about any dress or shirt you own, and molds itself to any event. She’s just curled her hair a little (more wave curls than spiral curls) and braided it back. It’s simple and easy.

This is a photo from Elle Korea. I think one word sums it all up: sweet. It’s girly, it’s feminine, it’s soft. I think the white cap was the cherry on top. This hair would go very well in winter with caps and scarves and sweaters and skirts. So, go crazy and style your hair like this when the cold comes.

All in all, she’s emerged in a variety of styles. I love her all because Kim So Eun looks beautiful in anything. Hopefully, you’ve become inspired by some of the hairstyles I’ve posted today. Good luck!




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12 11 2010

gusto ko maging kagaya niya!

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