News: Barbie Ranks Someone’s Kissing Zero…

11 02 2010

But who?

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) has rated her Hot Summer Days co-star Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) kissing a big, fat zero.

She didn’t manage to smooch him in the movie, though they played lovers, as Nicholas decided to give intimate scenes a miss, out of respect for his wife Cecilia Cheung.

The film’s promotional event in Shanghai saw 300 couples contesting their kissing skills, and also brought the movie’s ‘missing’ lip locks back into the spotlight.

Nicholas had requested to not kiss his co-star out of respect for his wife, so directors Tony Chan and Wing Shya manipulated camera angles to make the two leads look like they’re kissing.

At the Shanghai event, Nicholas reiterated his stance. “It wasn’t her (Cecilia), but my decision as I respect her.”

The actor, who’s the son of Patrick Tse, also talked about what he finds romantic.

“The courage to love,” he declared. “Before Cecilia and I got married, people talked a lot behind our backs, but we made the sacrifices to be where we are now. That’s romantic.”

The 29-year-old star, who was last seen in the critically-acclaimed Bodyguards and Assassins, said Hot Summer Days allowed him a lot of creative space. Directors Tony and Wing later joked that he improvised so much he didn’t need a script.





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