KDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Iljimae

12 03 2010

Iljimae (일지매)

Summary: After a prediction that Lee Won Ho (이원호) will overthrow the king, he orders him killed. But Won Ho’s son, Kyum (겸) escapes. He wakes up dazed with completely no recollection of who he once was or the tragedies that befell him. A thief, Swe Dol (쇠돌) takes him in and raises him along with his wife. Somewhere along the way, Kyum – now renamed Yong (용) – remembers everything and seeks revenge for his murdered father by dressing up as the masked black thief, Iljimae, who steals for the poor from the rich. Along the way, he encounters two girls: Bang Soon and Eun Chae. There’s love and misunderstanding involved, and lots of near-misses. Starring Lee Jun Ki (이준기), Park Shi Hoo (박시후), Han Hyo Joo (한효주), Lee Young Ah (이영아).

Review: What can I say? Lee Jun Ki is extreme eye-candy *drool*. The plot definitely has some gaping holes, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. There’s a part of me that found annoyance in the inaccurate and evil portrayal of Chinese ambassadors (grrr) but I’ll let it slide… this time. Han Hyo Joo has awkward chemistry with Lee Jun Ki, and Lee Young Ah’s acting was a little over the top at times. But I loved Swe Dol, his face makes me feel happy. Is that possible? I didn’t think so before either. I would recommend this drama and it’s ridiculously flawed, but also ridiculously likeable.

Rating: 7.5/10




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