News: Taiwanese Stars Head to India for World Vision

27 03 2010

World Vision Taiwan spokespeople, actress and actors Sylvia Chang, Mike He, Joe Cheng headed on a plane to visit a Taiwan funded program for poor children in India. Sylvia Chang plans to raise money for a school for these children. Joe Cheng and Mike He will be preparing nutritious food for them so that they will grow up healthily.

Five years ago, Sylvia Chang was in India for an interview. A girl named Nitya told her that she was afraid of going out to school. So Sylvia helped pay for Nitya’s study, medical and basic expenses and warmly encouraged the girl to go to school. Nitya then had the chance to go to school and introduce herself to new friends.

With tears in her eyes, Sylvia said: “Even though Nitya passed away not long ago, she had the chance to experience love and being loved in her short life. This is a privilege all children should be entitled to!”

Sylvia will be guiding Joe Cheng and Mike He when they head to India. She expressed that she has been working with charities for almost 20 years and hopes to bring more young artistes along to help. This is Joe Cheng and Mike He’s first trip to an underdeveloped country. They have already tenderly prepared soda crackers and seaweed to give to Indian children as a greeting gift.

The two artistes will spend 6 days in India and will face an unfamiliar and tiring environment. However, they are not worried. Mike He stated: “As long as we can give out some effort in helping the world’s children, this kind of exhaustion won’t count as anything.”

As for the issue of mosquitoes and other basic necessities, Joe Cheng also did not think there were any problems: “They’re still humans. If the Indian children and the people there can live their lives there, then we can too.”

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: Epoch Times

Translator: minchong92




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