Download: Shero (S.H.E. Album)

28 03 2010

For all those S.H.E. fans out there (myself included), cheer your good fortune! They’ve released their new album! So download and listen to your heart’s content.

DL Server: Mediafire


02. 如果你是女孩 (If You Are a Girl)
03. 我愛雨夜花 (I Love Flowers on a Rainy Night)
04. 兩個人的荒島 (Deserted Island for Two), Duet with Judy Zhou
05. 少了一個人 (Missing One Person)
06. 收留我 (Take Me In)
07. 超可能 (Very Likely)
08. 愛上你 (Falling For You), theme song for Down With Love
09. 你不會 (You Won’t)
10. 愛就對了 (Love is Right)

Download Link:

Credits: Sevenses




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