Fashion & Style: Best and Worst Dressed Women at 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

31 03 2010

It’s come, it’s gone. Let the commentary begin…

I found pictures! All credits and thanks to:


Top 5 Best Dressed Women

5. Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side):

It’s very modern. There was razor cuts and I really like that. That looong split shows off those famous (and gorgeous) legs of hers. Her simple hair knot didn’t add too much to her dress and that was exactly right. Because part of the neckline rose quite high, she didn’t wear a necklace. That was good. I didn’t feel that there were too many accessories crowding for attention. The bracelet on her unsleeved hand was a very nice touch.

4. Shin Sekyung:

What a lovely, lovely green. Usually, I am not a fan of this color simply because it’s so hard to get it just right (too light, too blue, too yellow). But this was such a gorgeous green. It’s very rustic, but glows dully. I like the ruffle at the side of her neck. Her earrings are also a great choice to go with the dress. With such a detailed neckline, the small earrings blend in inconspicuously. The grey clutch somehow brings out the silver highlights in her dress. Her hair was kept away from her shoulders which was very important because of her detailed neckline. Just… lovely.

3. Kim Ah Joong (MC):

Three words. Oh, My God. It’s stunning, it’s silvery white, it’s princessy! This was just too beautiful. The satiny fabric, the silhouette, the gathered ruffles… I want that dress! She definitely wears this well, it just flows off her. I think she did very well in having a simple hairstyle as opposed to a complicated updo. The dress itself is very detailed, so to have a twisted hairstyle would clash. The simple sphere earrings are perfect. They reflect the glow of the dress, but don’t steal away all the attention.

2. Hong Suh Ah (My Precious You):

Wow. WOW. It’s simple and billowy and wow. I love it. It starts off quite bare and smooth at the top of the dress, but flares out slightly into a ripple. The necklace was small and simple and lovely. There’s something there but not there too. The hair complemented the dress very well. There’s a lot of fluid motion in this outfit. I like how she didn’t wear bracelets. Her clutch was good enough for hand adornments.

1. Kim Yoon Ah (Cinderella Man):

This is the perfect example of a girl embracing her age. She’s not wearing anything too mature or revealing, but alos not wearing a beribboned frock with heaps of lace. There’s a fresh naturalness in her getup. From her plain accessories, to her bare minimum make up. I really like how she didn’t do anything so fancy with her hair. Too often do people work with the wrong hair and it makes them look trashy, or fat, or oily or too old. She’s just basking in her youth by letting it be. The dress is lovely. It’s simple and plain, but delicate and frilled at the edges. I think that length is perfect.

Top 5 Worst Dressed Women

5. Moon Geun Young (Cinderella’s Sister):

What is this? Did she grow a tail or something? And that’s not a dress. That’s a clingy piece of black fabric she wrapped around herself. There is a high danger level that it might slip off should she walk a little too vigorously. Also, her bracelets are completely wrong. Wrong colour, wrong texture, wrong size, wrong material. If she’s going to wear a strapless dress as such, can’t she at least find a necklace? You know, to fill up that empty void between her neck and her neckline?

4. Choi Kang Hee (Aeja):

This looks like she stuck pieces of flax over her boobs. And what is with the criss cross? If anything, we can see a bit stomach. Is she smuggling dead rabbits in her abs or something? The hairstyle didn’t work for me. It looks very farmer-ish and peasant-y. Also, such a bland dress needs some accessories, but I found that there were no earrings or a necklace. The beaded bracelet didn’t go with the flax-y dress.

3. Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Housewives):

I am assuming she was going for the flowy grecian goddess thing. But she ended up with frumpy grass stain thing. The biggest no-no about this dress what the fit. It’s really, REALLY bad. The gathering at her waist produces a ‘spare-tyre’ effect. It’s not attractive. Also, what is up with her shoes? They’re purply-pink? Reminder: her dress is green. If she was trying to match her shoes with her lipstick, it’s not working.

2. Park Bo Young:

Attention! Attention! Overly melted marshmallow alert! What is she doing? Did she heat too many pink sweets and die in it?? The dress thickens her waistline and is crudely presented. It’s wonky and generally unpolished. Also, I felt that her silver sandals didn’t match the tone of her dress (but really, what matches melted marshmallow?) and her purse resembled by glasses case if it were blinged out with cheap studs *shudder*.

1. Seo Woo (Cinderella’s Sister):

Is she seriously wearing that? First off, what’s with the patchy patchy appearance? It’s like she found a bunch of rags and threaded them together; not sexy. Also, is that sheer material? Well, it’s sort of sheer material. But come on, there are limits to how much sheer you can use (even if it’s sort of sheer). That slit looks like she accidentally cut it. It’s not really supposed to be there. I don’t even want to talk about the straps. And someone should rip off her headband.

So, there’s the women. If I’m exuberant enough, I might do the guys some other day. These are just my own opinion, so feel free to disagree. A big thanks to omonatheydidnt (website above) for the pictures.

Please credit if you’re going to take my commentary out of the site. Thank you.




2 responses

2 04 2010

lol no offense, but you seriously think Yoon Ah deserves best dressed for her dull (not to mention badly tailored) black dress? or you just adore the singer/actress?


2 04 2010

Hmm… I don’t LOVE the singer. I just thought in terms of wearing the best outfit suited to her age, she deserved the best dressed. I didn’t think it was badly tailored. Maybe it’s the difference of opinions.

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