News: Rainie’s Waiting for Love

1 04 2010

From “girl group” to “cute princess”, then stepping into “half mature lady”, before finally becoming a “woman waiting for love”, it has already been 10 years since Rainie Yang entered showbiz. This year is her 5th as a solo artist, and with the opportunity to have a concert in Taiwan, her career is progressing quite smoothly. However, her love life has been quite empty. Seeing her good friend Isabella Leong with a blissful married life, Rainie wishes her happiness, but at the same time isn’t jealous. “My happiness comes from performing onstage, and being loved by my fans.”

10 years ago, Rainie was a member of the four girl group 4 in Love, and after they disbanded and went their various ways, Rainie started her solo career 5 years ago. Entering her fifth year this year, Rainie will be having her first ever paid show in Taiwan. Previously, Taiwanese artists had to give free performances, but because of a large market, it was considered a promotional fee to perform. To see an actual large scale production was more difficult, and recently citizens began to learn to part with their hard-earned money in order to see an actual concert. However, the performer had to be top of the music rankings, or else it would result in more free tickets to fill in empty seats than bought tickets.

Finally entering the Taipei Arena after five years

Rainie already finds it shocking that idol Eason Chan once had 18 shows at the Coliseum, but when reporters told her that Alan Tam and Jacky Cheung each held 30 to 40 concerts 15 years ago, she was stunned speechless. “Can they really sing like this everyday? In Taiwan, there has never been a singer that can have more than five concerts at the Taipei Arena, Hong Kong citizens are really supportive of their fans!” Actually, it’s not only the Hong Kong citizens who like attending concerts; many Mainlanders have also made the trek to Hong Kong to see the shows. Clearly, the entertainment industry has helped boost Hong Kong’s economy considerably.

Rainie will be opening on April 24th at the Taipei Arena, beginning a miraculous journey with the audience members. For example, halfway through, something wonderful and unexpected is planned to happen, and there are rumours that her outfits may not be completely be made of cloth, filling everyone full of awe. “I hope that fans feel they are getting what they paid for, and leave happily. I also want to bring my concert to the Coliseum, but it won’t be able to happen in the first half of the year, because after this concert I will have to start filming an idol drama.”

Looks forward to working with Mike He, fulfilling their three year agreement

Everytime Rainie films an idol drama, one question comes to mind first: “Who is your partner this time? Is it a new pairing, or an old friend?” Everyone hopes that she will work with her classic partner Mike He, causing her to laugh, “Sorry to disappoint! This time it is a new actor.” However, she hasn’t forgotten her three year agreement with Mike; after meeting at the set of “Devil Beside You”, three years later they worked together again on “Why Why Love”, getting rave reviews, hence their so-called three year agreement. Nodding, Rainie answers, “I remember! But Mike has been progressing in the Mainland mostly, it’s not my fault! I look forward to his return as well! We’ll have to see if we can work together towards the end of the year, we both look forward to this opportunity.”

Doesn’t have spark with Show Luo

Her latest acting partner and thus rumoured lover is Show Luo (Xiao Zhu). “Having another partner is a good thing, early on I was scared to work with Wilber Pan, Jiro Wang and Show, but now I’m not worried to work with another male idol.” She doesn’t know why she and Show became rumoured lovers, and afterwards becaue of an understanding, they separated ways. It wasn’t until they worked on “Hi My Sweetheart” that they poured out their heart to each other, thereby restarting their friendship. After reconnecting, they became close friends again, allowing her to understand the saying “The entertainment circle doesn’t have enemies forever.” Everyone wishes to know if Rainie has any love sparks with either Show or Mike, making her laugh, “That’s hard to say! I won’t say we never will, but at the moment none of us have been ‘zapped’ by the other!”

Appears guarded talking about Isabella Leong

Rainie is open and curteous about every subject asked, except for the topic of her good friend Isabella, on which she appears slightly guarded. Asked if she bade Isabella support her concert by attending? She distractedly answered, “I think she’s busy during that time, but we did agree that if I was in Hong Kong for a concert, she will come support me. Hearing her say this makes me very happy.” Has Isabella revealed any next pregnancies? Shaking her head, “Hasn’t brought this up, I also won’t intrude on friends’ news, if she wants to tell me, she will.” Clearly, she is very protective and respectful of this good friend.

Love comes from fans.

Is Rainie jealous of Isabella finding a good boyfriend, one that isn’t fought over in the entertainment circle? “We have different paths, she has always wanted a happy family life, so I’m happy for her. But my happiness comes from performing on stage, as long as I hear the applause, I will be very happy, so I’m not jealous. I’m still not ready to start a family at the moment, there’s still bigger and better targets for me to pursue, I really want to come to Hong Kong, Eastern and Southern Asia, and even the Mainland for my concerts!” It turns out that the love Rainie is waiting for, comes from her fans.

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: mingpao

Translator: casablanca-




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1 04 2010

It is really a great story. And this is a great advice for all who are thinking about these.

3 05 2010

I admire rainie for being filial …

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