News: Wonder Girls Returning to Work?

1 04 2010

[They] launched the ‘Nobody’ wave in September 2008 & debuted in America the following year. After a long separation of 1 year & 3 months, the official word is that WONDERGIRLS’ new album will be released in America during the month of May. It will include new songs in Korean, English & Chinese versions. In addition, there will be 2-3 weeks of domestic stage activities to reach out to the multitude of fans.

WONDERGIRLS will confirm the “Dream Concert” in May to be their homecoming stage comeback. As their first appearance since replacing a group member, there is cause for scrutiny. This performance will mark the start of their domestic stage comeback. An organizer said, “WONDERGIRLS’s homecoming will be the climax of the show.”

To prepare the new album, the WONDERGIRLS member recently returned to work. As lead soprano Ye Eun divulged: WONDERGIRLS is in fact already in Korea, recording for their new album & filming a MV. They also brought back their performance costumes, & will return to America early next month.

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: qoxie@wgspectacle




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