Download: Personal Taste FULL OST

22 04 2010

It’s here! The FULL COMPLETE OST of Personal Taste. Ah, you wonderful soundtrack, you. It does spoil me.

DL Server: 4shared


01. 말도 안돼 – 윤하 (Younha)
02. 빗물이 내려서 – 김태우
03. 가슴이 뭉클 – 씨야 (SeeYa)
04. 그대라는 날개 – 김태우
05. 사랑만들기 – 포미닛 (4minute)
06. 바보처럼 – 2AM
07. 왕벌의 비행
08. 야릇한 느낌
09. 왕벌의 비행 (Piano Version)
10. 바보처럼 (Inst.)
11.사랑만들기 (Inst.) (Guitar Version)
12. 그대라는 날개 (Inst.)
13. 가슴이 뭉클 (Inst.)
14. 빗물이 내려서 (Inst.) (Violin Version)
15. 말도 안돼 (Inst.) (Piano Version)

Download Link:

Credits: KIM EUNPA




7 responses

26 04 2010

Thank you so much! It’s just amazing to see how well my beloved Lee minho acts!

13 06 2010
Mark Nguyen

Hi there, does anyone know the instrument that is played whenever principle Choi is on screen. Its not in Personal Taste ost. Can anyone send me an email tellling the tittle of that instrument please? Thank you

30 06 2010

look at comment below 🙂

30 06 2010

The song that plays when Director Choi si on screen can be found here:

31 08 2010

thanxx alicia!! was lookin for it tooo ^_^

12 09 2010

hic, maybe somebody here know the song that played when Jin Ho found out about the basement…
it’s not in the ost list. Could you plz tell me the title of that song. i really fell for the guitar melody. plz help. thanks so much

12 09 2010

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