News: Wonder Girls Dominate Charts

2 04 2010

After becoming the first Korean artist/group to make it onto the Billboard Charts with their hit “Nobody”, the Wondergirls are showing no signs of slowing down by dominating the music charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

After releasing their “Taiwan Special” album in Taiwan last February 10th, they quickly shot to number one on several of the major online and offline music charts such as G-Music, E-Momo Music Channel, Chinese Telecom emomo Charts, etc. It was announced that they even took the top spot on the major KK Box chart this week!

The Wondergirls have sold 25,000 copies of their album in less than two months time. To put that into perspective, the record number of albums being sold by a foreign Asian artist in Taiwan or Hong Kong during a short amount of time stands at 30,000 albums. Read the rest of this entry »


News: Rainie’s Waiting for Love

1 04 2010

From “girl group” to “cute princess”, then stepping into “half mature lady”, before finally becoming a “woman waiting for love”, it has already been 10 years since Rainie Yang entered showbiz. This year is her 5th as a solo artist, and with the opportunity to have a concert in Taiwan, her career is progressing quite smoothly. However, her love life has been quite empty. Seeing her good friend Isabella Leong with a blissful married life, Rainie wishes her happiness, but at the same time isn’t jealous. “My happiness comes from performing onstage, and being loved by my fans.”

10 years ago, Rainie was a member of the four girl group 4 in Love, and after they disbanded and went their various ways, Rainie started her solo career 5 years ago. Entering her fifth year this year, Rainie will be having her first ever paid show in Taiwan. Previously, Taiwanese artists had to give free performances, but because of a large market, it was considered a promotional fee to perform. Read the rest of this entry »

News: Wonder Girls Returning to Work?

1 04 2010

[They] launched the ‘Nobody’ wave in September 2008 & debuted in America the following year. After a long separation of 1 year & 3 months, the official word is that WONDERGIRLS’ new album will be released in America during the month of May. It will include new songs in Korean, English & Chinese versions. In addition, there will be 2-3 weeks of domestic stage activities to reach out to the multitude of fans.

WONDERGIRLS will confirm the “Dream Concert” in May to be their homecoming stage comeback. As their first appearance since replacing a group member, there is cause for scrutiny. This performance will mark the start of their domestic stage comeback. An organizer said, “WONDERGIRLS’s homecoming will be the climax of the show.”

To prepare the new album, the WONDERGIRLS member recently returned to work. As lead soprano Ye Eun divulged: WONDERGIRLS is in fact already in Korea, recording for their new album & filming a MV. They also brought back their performance costumes, & will return to America early next month.

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: qoxie@wgspectacle

News: UVERworld’s 3D MV

1 04 2010

Sony Music Entertainment is now riding the 3D boom. The company has started producing Japan’s first 3D music video, for a song titled “GOLD” by rock band UVERworld.

“GOLD” is being released as the band’s 15th single on March 31. The music video, which mainly depicts the band performing, was shot over a two-day period in late March. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D techniques, “GOLD” is estimated to cost at least 10 million yen more than a typical video.

As a special promotion for UVERworld’s upcoming album “LAST” (on sale April 14), Sony plans to hold a screening of the music video on April 17, with about 1,000 tickets expected to be given out by lottery to fans who purchase the album. Sony is also considering having the band’s members in attendance at the event.

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: Tokyograph

News: Jun Su’s Sohu Special Interview

30 03 2010

The interview was done after Junho’s showcase in Beijing yesterday:

Special interview with Kim Junsu: A new Japanese single, hoping to show colorful self

Since the contract dispute between the three members of TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yochun, Kim Junsu, and SM Entertainment in July 2009, their recent activities have always been the focus of the media. In the afternoon on the 28th of March, Junsu’s twin brother Kim Junho held his debut showcase in Beijing. As a strong support, Junsu appeared on the spot, giving more power to his brother. After singing Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All,” Junsu accepted the special interview from Sohu.

In the limited interview time, Junsu shows his perseverance and passion towards his music career. He is passionate towards his solo Japanese single. When talking about the Chinese fans, he first said, “I feel very sorry for them,” but he specially expressed his hopes to have chance to hang on in China, to sing more songs to Chinese fans.

The exact interview is as follow:

SOHU: As the first solo which you have challenged, the Musical Mozart is very successful. What did you gain and what are your feelings during the period?

Junsu: (Thank you.) The musical is a brand new style that I challenged for the first time. I felt nervous, and also worried about it at that time. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work with experienced seniors. I feel very happy I finished it smoothly.

SOHU: Now spring is coming, Junsu catches pollen allergy very easily. So, how is your health?

Junsu: The allergy symptoms are appearing bit by bit, so I drink a lot of water everyday and I Read the rest of this entry »

News: BIG BANG’s Coming BACK

30 03 2010

Though not much information has been out yet, there’s one definite fact: Big Bang is making a comeback in Korea this summer!

I know this is exciting for a lot of you since they’ve been gone from the Korean music scene for nearly two years. They are known for being one of the most popular boy groups of Korea and they are finally coming back home to their fans in Korea.

YG Entertainment announced on the 30th, “Last year, Big Bang was really successful in Japan. Now, they’re coming back to Korea this summer after a two year absence.”

Has it really been two years? That’s pretty long. But when I think about it, the last time I saw them in Korea was when they were promoting Sunset Glow back in 2008. Do you think they will measure up to the fans’ expectations?

Credits: allkpop, asianfanatics

Source: StarNews

News: Jerry Yan…Mystery Man at S.H.E. Fan Signing

29 03 2010

S.H.E held a signing event at Ximending for their latest album “SHERO.” A mysterious man appeared with a hundred copies of their album for signing. It turned out that it was no other but Ella’s co-star from “Down With Love”…the handsome Jerry Yan! The moment he revealed himself, Ella’s manliness disappeared and she immediately turned into a shy girl leaning against Jerry’s chest and called him, “Honey.” Hebe and Selina also took the opportunity to snatch a hug from Jerry.

Ella and Jerry became good friends during the filming of “Down With Love.” Thus, Jerry promised to buy a hundred copies of S.H.E’s album, and he fulfilled it. Ella didn’t know that Jerry would appear as she was telling the media, “I did invite him, but he’s too busy.” Soon after, Jerry suddenly appeared, and Ella jumped up from her seat in shock.

Within 10 minutes after Jerry revealed himself, the crowd screamed in excitement non-stop. Ella acted sweetly to Jerry while hugging him, and she even introduced her “husband” to Selina and Hebe. Read the rest of this entry »