Download: Story of Four Flowers Scans

14 02 2010

So, for all of you still enamored with the F4, this might interest you. It’s a bit late coming, but they released a photo book, ‘Story of Four Flowers’ with pictures of the F4. I am uploading some scans I found. I have stolen them from ashtoh, so all credits to her.

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Download: Complete Bonjuk Calendar (2010)

23 01 2010

Well, my favorite FAVORITE couple right now is Bumsso (Kim Bum and Kim So Eun) who starred together as Yi Jung and Ga Eul respectively in the 2009 hit Korean Drama, Boys Before Flowers. They signed on to endorse Bonjuk together, and there’s a 2010 calendar (just in time!).

I own nothing, and have completely stolen these scans from Margaret’s awesome, amazing Bumsso site ( Apparently they belong to Rika_6 from Baidu. I’ll apologize if I offend anybody in advance. Oh, and take a look at Margaret’s site. It is seriously the best Bumsso site out there. No, seriously.

Anyway, here they are. Enjoy:

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