News: 2NE1’s Boyish Photo Shoot

1 04 2010

Part 1: 2NE1, the first boyish photoshoot – “Did you say we looked like boys?”

‘Even while wearing boyish clothing, can they still express themselves in a sexy and polished way?’

Representative girl groups from South Korea participated in the ‘2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot”, a collaboration between Star News and fashion site Style M for the fashion magazine Arena’s May issue. The first to appear is 2NE1.

From the second that 2NE1 debuted, they were deemed the ‘Female Big Bang’ and proved to be completely different from current girl groups at that time. Whatever these girls wore became the trend and became a brand. For example, last year, CL’s unique glasses were a huge hit, as well as Sandara Park’s antenna hairstyle. In addition, Park Bom’s lovely style and Gong Minzy’s cute bob hair cut became a trend as well.

On the 29th, 2NE1 was at the studio located in Shinsadong in the southern part of Korea. Finally given a break from their fashion shows, CFs, photoshoots, and several other schedules, 2NE1 seemed much more relaxed. Their outer appearances seemed to have changed too.

CL sported a popstar-like reggae perm; instead of Sandara Park’s palm tree hair, she had a round twisting ‘snail’ hair style; Park Bom had a uniquely feminine and lovely perm; and instead of ‘Ero’ Minji’s short bob, it became a wavy upstyle.

“This photoshoot’s concept is tomboyish. 2NE1 is going to be wearing Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: Best and Worst Dressed Women at 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

31 03 2010

It’s come, it’s gone. Let the commentary begin…

I found pictures! All credits and thanks to:


Top 5 Best Dressed Women

5. Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side):

It’s very modern. There was razor cuts and I really like that. That looong split shows off those famous (and gorgeous) legs of hers. Her simple hair knot didn’t add too much to her dress and that was exactly right. Because part of the neckline rose quite high, she didn’t wear a necklace. That was good. I didn’t feel that there were too many accessories crowding for attention. The bracelet on her unsleeved hand was a very nice touch.

4. Shin Sekyung:

What a lovely, lovely green. Usually, I am not a fan of this color simply because it’s so hard to get it just right (too light, too blue, too yellow). But this was such a gorgeous green. It’s very rustic, but glows dully. I like the ruffle at the side of her neck. Her earrings are also a great choice to go with the dress. With such a detailed neckline, the small earrings blend in inconspicuously. The grey clutch somehow brings out the silver highlights in her dress. Her hair was kept away from her shoulders which was very important because of her detailed neckline. Just… lovely. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: Get Kim So Eun’s Hairstyle

11 02 2010

Kim So Eun (김소은) is a rising young star in South Korea. And her hair is absolutely beautiful. I first noticed it in Boys Before Flowers. It just always seemed so shiny and silky and bouncy!

For her Chu Ga Eul hairstyle, she’s layered it quite a bit at the front and parted it at the side. It’s lovely how Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: Makeup for Asians

24 01 2010

Struggling to find the best brand of makeup or way of applying it? Here’s a complete list of dos and don’ts for Asians… makeup-wise.


  • Wear too much eyeliner
  • Have too much blue/green eyeshadow
  • Choose an eyeshadow color that’s too dark
  • Wear false eyelashes that look too long and fake
  • Attempt to change the lightness or darkness of your skin tone with a completely different shade of foundation. It will end up looking like a mask.
  • Use a heap of glittery eyeshadow
  • Use tester lipsticks straight onto your lips. It’s unhygienic. Smudge some onto your fingers before applying


  • Look out for foundation that has yellow undertones
  • Test your foundation on your jawline first
  • Use lots of sky blue. Asian skin loves that color!
  • Store lipstick and perfume in the refrigerator. It’ll last longer
  • Outline your lips in pencil before you apply lipstick or gloss if you don’t want your lipstick to feather
  • Always, ALWAYS wash off your makeup before bed

Some brands that most asians prefer to use include: MAC, Shiseido, Lancome, and Estee Lauder. Browse around for a favorite brand. Personally, I prefer Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: All About Sedu

23 01 2010

First of all, what is a Sedu hairstyle? Well, Sedu actually comes from the word seductive. Most Asians are very lucky in that they are born with naturally straight hair. Lots of westerners have to resort to straightening their hair in order to achieve the same silky, straight hair Asians have. This hair is now known as Sedu hair. A Sedu iron has even been invented for those that want this kind of hair! So, we Asians have it lucky, really.

For those not lucky enough to be born with a Sedu hairstyle, here’s a quick step-by-step of how you can create one yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: 2NE1 Inspired

23 01 2010

YG Entertainment seems to have a knack for banging out bands with not only great sound but great style (cough, Big Bang, cough). Their latest “female” BB, 2NE1, has a funky, unique style that’s sweeping over Asia.

Their Lollipop look is extremely colorful. We can see lots of bright prints and checks. It’s very fresh. However, this style has a limited age range (approximately from 13-20, give or take a few years). CL (second from left) has donned a very shiny assemble, Minzy (first left) has stuck with a pair of tight jeans and a printed shirt (tied up in the corner), while Sandara Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion & Style: The Korean Hair Bun

23 01 2010

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) is sweeping over the world. In the process, why not make yourself look fabulous with one of the most popular Korean hairstyles? That’s right, it’s the korean hair bun. This hairstyle can also be seen on celebrities, inspiring many Korean girls to imitate it. Here’s a set of step-by-step instructions to get you started, as well as a tutorial video.


What you need:

  • Hair elastic
  • Hairspray (optional)
  • Bobby pins (optional)

1.  Grab your hair and hold it in a ponytail high on your head with your hand. Don`t tie it! Keep your elastic on your right hand.
2. Start twisting your hair into a bun.
3. Make sure you twist it well. It should resemble those cinnamon rolls.
4. After that, form it into a circle shape. Keep the twist in place.
5. Tie it with the elastic around your right hand.
6. Tie it around twice, and make it loose. Fix it until you are satisfied.
7. On both sides, pull out some hair (not a lot) so it looks natural.

Note: If your hair twist/bun is loose, use bobby pins to hold it. Or, alternatively, spray in a little hairspray to hold it. Read the rest of this entry »