Fashion & Style: Best and Worst Dressed Women at 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

31 03 2010

It’s come, it’s gone. Let the commentary begin…

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Top 5 Best Dressed Women

5. Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side):

It’s very modern. There was razor cuts and I really like that. That looong split shows off those famous (and gorgeous) legs of hers. Her simple hair knot didn’t add too much to her dress and that was exactly right. Because part of the neckline rose quite high, she didn’t wear a necklace. That was good. I didn’t feel that there were too many accessories crowding for attention. The bracelet on her unsleeved hand was a very nice touch.

4. Shin Sekyung:

What a lovely, lovely green. Usually, I am not a fan of this color simply because it’s so hard to get it just right (too light, too blue, too yellow). But this was such a gorgeous green. It’s very rustic, but glows dully. I like the ruffle at the side of her neck. Her earrings are also a great choice to go with the dress. With such a detailed neckline, the small earrings blend in inconspicuously. The grey clutch somehow brings out the silver highlights in her dress. Her hair was kept away from her shoulders which was very important because of her detailed neckline. Just… lovely. Read the rest of this entry »

News: Winners at 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

27 03 2010

The annual event of 46th Baek Sang Arts Awards ceremony took place on 26th March on in Seoul Jang Choon Dong National Theatre.


Movie Category

  • Daesang – Yoon Jae Gyun (Hae Woon Dae Director)
  • Movie award – ‘National Representative’
  • Director award – Jang Hoon (Brothers)
  • Newcomer director – Lee Ho Jae (Operation)
  • Best actor – Ha Jung Woo (National Representative)
  • Best actress – Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side)
  • Newcomer actor – Lee Min Gi (Hae Woon Dae)
  • Newcomer actress – Jo Ahn (Carrying a King Kong)
  • Scenario – Jang Min Seok (Brothers)
  • High1 male artiste popularity award – Jang Geun Seok (Itaewoo Homicide)
  • High1 female artiste popularity award – Choi Kang Hee (Ae Ja)

TV Category

  • Dae Sang – Go Hyun Jung (MBC Queen Seon Deok)
  • Drama – KBS 2TV ‘IRIS’
  • Production (Culture) – MBC ‘Amazon’s Tears’
  • Production (Variety) – MBC ‘High Kick Through the Roof’
  • Appearance award – Go Dong Seok (MBC Queen of Housewives)
  • Newcomer – Yoo Hyun Gi (KBS 2TV God of Study)
  • Best actor – Lee Byung Hun (KBS 2TV IRIS)
  • Best actress – Kim Nam Joo (MBC Queen of Housewives)
  • Newcomer actor – Kim Nam Gil (MBC Queen Seon Deok)
  • Newcomer actress – Hwang Jung Eum (MBC High Kick Through the Roof)
  • TV Variety (male) – Park Seong Ho (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
  • TV Variety (female) – Kang Yoo Mi, Ahn Yeong Mi (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
  • Drama BonSang – Cheon Seong Il (KBS 2TV Chuno )
  • High1 male artiste popularity award= Lee Seung Gi (SBS Brilliant Legacy)
  • High1 male artiste popularity award= Yoon Ah (MBC Cinderella Man)

Special Awards

  • Merit award – Bae Sam Ryong
  • In Style Award – Son Ye Jin