News: Coco Lee Announces On-Stage Wedding

29 03 2010

Female singer Coco Lee announced at her concert afterparty yesterday that she wishes to hold her wedding onstage at the last show of her tour! After 12 years, Coco will once again step on the stage of Taiwan’s Taipei Arena to start off her show. Expenses around 45 million HKD were used to create a 3D pyramid of LED lights on stage, and another 10 million HKD used to design 13 beautiful and sexy outfits, such as sexy doll, princess coming out of the shower and real life Barbie etc., causing the crowd to scream their approval.

At her concert, Coco wore a top saying “Marry Me” to sing, elevating the atmosphere of the audience. Many fans immediately chanted “Force a wedding!”; apparently, her manager revealed, Coco’s fiance Bruce has proposed to her many times already. “The day to saying yes is fast approaching!” Right now after Coco’s claimed on-stage wedding rumour, her manager’s comment may turn out to be true.

Credits: asianfanatics


Translator: casablanca-