Abnormal Weather Cause for the High Ratings?

22 04 2010

The spring season of TV doramas has arrived and across-the-board there have been ratings higher than usual these days. Usually there is only one maybe two big doramas with ratings above 15% each season, but this time we have “Shinzanmono” (TBS) that even broke the 20% mark, “Zettai Reido” (Fuji TV) with 18% and “Keibutsu-kun” (NTV) with 17.5%. Other doramas that started one week earlier such as “Rinjo 2” and “Team Batista 2” also were able to gain higher ratings during their second week , a rare sight among doramas in general.

What’s the cause for all this? Are the doramas really that much better this season or is it something else? J-Cast thinks that the unseasonable and cold weather that is currently hanging over Japan might be the actual reason for the above average ratings. It’s not just the signs of rain that make people want to stay at home and watch TV, on the 17th it even has been snowing in Tokyo again. The city hasn’t seen snow flakes in April since 1969.

A producer from one of the five key stations in Japan on the matter: “I’m afraid to say that the abnormal weather is going to continue until Golden Week. The number of people who can’t travel to Europe because of the volcanic ash is increasing as well. On the other hand we are registering some record high ratings for most of our TV programs these days.”

The producer is optimistic that the high ratings are going to continue until at least early May. It will be interesting to watch the trend of the dorama ratings over the next couple of weeks. Yesterday the third episode of “Team Batista 2” aired and was able to improve its rating once again. Unfortunately “Zettai Reido” lost some ground this week, but it’s still close to the 15% mark.

Credits: asianfanatics


JDramas (Ratings & Reviews): 1 Litre of Tears

26 01 2010

1 Litre of Tears (1リットルの涙)

Summary: Based on the real life of Kito Aya (木藤亜也), this drama tells the compelling story of a girl diagnosed with a degenerative disease (Spinocerebellar Degeneration) at the young age of fifteen. She continues writing in her diary even though she has difficulty engaging in daily activities, hoping to reach out to others with the same condition. The drama series follows her through her life from when she is diagnosed to her death. It portrays her struggles, her loves, her release, and most of all her tears. Starring Sawajiri Erika (沢尻 エリカ), Nishikido Ryo (錦戸亮), Yakushimaru Hiroko (薬師丸 ひろ子), Jinnai Takanori (陣内孝則).

Review: Well, you may have noticed the shortness of the summary. That is because this drama has nothing to talk about. I’m not dissing it completely, it’s just that we know she’s going to die. We’re all just watching each episode, waiting for it. The thing is, that’s the only way such a drama can be acted. It’s the filming that counts in drama like these and I must say the filming was not very well done. There were often times when scenes are supposed to be raw and bursting with emotion, but Read the rest of this entry »

JDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Hana Kimi

24 01 2010

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ)

Summary: The story starts off with Ashiya Mizuki (芦屋 瑞稀) enrolling in Osaka Gakuen (桜咲学園), a school for boys. To do so, she defies her parents wishes, disguises herself as a boy, and leaves her home in the United States for Japan. Why? Because a high jumper, Sano Izumi (佐野 泉), injured himself to save her life and can’t jump anymore. And, surprise surprise, Sano goes to Osaka Gakuen. When Mizuki arrives, the residents are not as friendly as they could be, but Mizuki sticks it out. She also discovers that Sano is her roommate. At Osaka, Mizuki befriends the funny Nakatsu Shuichi (中津 秀一). To top off all the weirdness, Shuichi starts falling for Mizuki, only to wonder about his sexuality (he still thinks Mizuki is a guy) while Mizuki pursues her love with Sano. Starring Horikita Maki (堀北 真希), Oguri Shun (小栗 旬), Ikuta Toma (生田 斗真).

Review: Well, I am a very shallow person because I watched this due to its popularity. Gomen. Nobody judge me. But, to my surprise, it was rather enjoyable. I found this drama extremely funny at times. Actually, those were Read the rest of this entry »

TWDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Why Why Love

23 01 2010

Why Why Love (換換愛)

Summary: Tong Jia Di is a hardworking girl that needs a social life other than studying, working multiple jobs, and trying to pay off her family’s huge pile of debts. So, her friend, Jiang Xiao Nan, puts a love exchange coupon in the raffle box, trying to have her “exchange” love with the next guy that draws it. Huo Yan, the handsome executive of the Huo industry accidentally draws the raffle, and even though no love is exchanged, he is left with a deep impression of Jia Di. Enter Huo Da, Huo Yan’s younger brother. Huo Da is a delinquent that refuses to attend his University classes and prefers racing his motorbike to looking after the family business. He also draws out a raffle ticket, the Angel/Master ticket, which entitles him to a whole week of Jia Di bending to his every will. Things get a lot more complicated when both brothers begin pursuing Jia Di. Starring Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), Mike He (賀軍翔), Kingone Wang (王傳一), Judy Fukumoto.

Review: Well, I won’t lie. This is probably the only thing I’ve ever watched (anime, movies, dramas) to make me cry eight times. I kid you not. And I just keep crying every time I watch it! The summary Read the rest of this entry »

TWDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Black & White

23 01 2010

Black & White (痞子英雄)

Summary: Chen Zai Tian (nicknamed Pi Zi) and Wu Ying Xiong (chinese for Hero) are two completely different cops. Pi Zi is a lazy scoundrel that just sits around waiting for tip offs from mysterious sources to crack his cases. Ying Xiong takes his job extremely seriously. So seriously, that his zealousy gets him in hot water with his superior more than once. But after a misunderstanding, they are forced to work together to solve a tough drug case. That’s a problem because the two hate each other. Slowly, it becomes clear that Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are linked in ways more than one, and they are thrown into a dark plot involving a huge scandal, a terrorist group, and the biggest mafia family in Taiwan. Starring Vic Zhou (周渝民), Mark Chao (趙又廷), Ivy Chen (陳意涵), Janine Chang (張鈞甯).

Review: Three words. BEST DRAMA EVER. I was so blown away with this drama. The main thing is the plot. It is Read the rest of this entry »

TWDramas (Ratings & Reviews): It Started With a Kiss

23 01 2010

It Started With a Kiss (惡作劇之吻)

Summary: Based on the popular Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss), this 2005 drama was a huge hit in Taiwan. Yuan Xiang Qing is a clumsy, bumbling high school girl with a longtime crush on the school’s handsome genius, Jiang Zhi Shu. During their senior year, she finally summons up the courage to confess her feelings in a love letter. However, Zhi Shu pointedly ignores her and doesn’t even take the letter. Publicly humiliated, Xiang Qing decides to give up her feelings. But an earthquake strikes and Xiang Qing’s poorly constructed house collapses. With nowhere to go, she and her father move in with one of her father’s old friends, only to discover that he’s the father of none other than Zhi Shu! Living under the same roof means that they have no way of avoiding each other. It’s a complicated love game, especially since Zhi Shu seems to warm up to Xiang Qing more and more. Starring Ariel Lin (林依晨), Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), Jiro Wang (汪東城).

Review: Okay, I’m just going to say this, I loved it. This was my FIRST (and I repeat, FIRST) Taiwanese drama. My sister introduced me to it. I think that Ariel and Joe have a great chemistry, although Read the rest of this entry »

KDramas (Ratings & Reviews): Full House

23 01 2010

Full House (풀하우스)

Summary: Han Ji Eun is an aspiring script writer. After her friends trick her into going to China, they sell her house, Full House, which was built by her late father. Ji Eun is left stranded in China. She borrows money off a famous actor, Lee Young Jae, in order to get back home, only to find that everything she owned is gone. To top it off, Full House’s new owner is none other than Young Jae! Reluctantly, he allows Ji Eun to stay in the house since she had no where else to go. But she must cook and clean and act as his personal maid. After an unfortunate party where he tries to make his longtime crush jealous, Young Jae ropes Ji Eun into a fake marriage and they both draw up a contract. After a while of living together, Young Jae develops feelings for Ji Eun, showing jealousy towards her admirer, Yoo Min Hyuk. Starring Song Hye Kyo (송혜교), Rain (비), Han Eun Jeong (한은정), Kim Sung Soo (김성수).

Review: Well, I found this series light and likeable. I don’t think Rain is the Read the rest of this entry »