News: Xiao Zhu’s ‘Dancing Diva’ Not Feminine Enough

22 04 2010

The launch of “Xiao Zhu” Show Luo’s latest world tour has been very well-received with many ticket offices informing him about the good results. He has put all his effort into practising his singing and dancing, even taking up the challenge of Jolin Tsai’s ribbon dance but Xiao Zhu is most worried about his arms and legs being too slow which would cause everyone to see through his 1 second costume-change magic trick.

On April 30, Xiao Zhu will start his “Wu Fa Wu Tian” world tour in Hong Kong. After announcing additional shows, all three have been sold out. He has added an extra show on May 15 at the Taipei Arena and only a few hundred tickets remain from the total of three shows. The Singapore show at the end of May was already sold out long ago. It is estimated that 80,000 people will go to see Xiao Zhu perform at these 7 shows so he is hurriedly exhibiting all his true talents.

This time, Xiao Zhu has already announced that he is taking up the challenge of ‘heavenly queens’ including Jolin Tsai’s ‘Dancing Diva’. He has hired the same teacher as Jolin to teach him the ribbon dance, has practised 3 times, each time for two hours. Thinking all this time that the dance would not cause any troubles for him, Xiao Zhu didn’t ask Jolin to give him tips on the steps, he even said with confidence to the teacher, “I can take challenges of high difficulty too.” However the teacher coldly shot back, “Your thighs are too big, you won’t be able to do the kicking.” Xiao Zhu therefore had no choice but to dance the ‘un-feminine’ version of ‘Dancing Diva’.

Dancing isn’t easy, singing requires memorising lyrics, drumming requires talent but none of these will be too difficult for Xiao Zhu, he revealed, right now he is most worried about the 3D magic tricks and the ‘1 second speedy costume change’, the latter requires a costume change from head to toe in front of the audience within 1 second. Of course, this is not physically possible so he will be playing with magical illusions. Xiao Zhu must repeatedly practise with a magician teacher, this is making him very nervous, he’s worried that if the process is not smooth, everyone will see through the trick and it would be a waste.

Credits: asianfanatics

Source: UDN



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